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Alan Millar

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Alan Millar (born May 22, 1972) is an American writer of contemporary fantasy and science fiction, and was a consultant for the controversial 2008 Zombie Run documentary.

Millar was born in Los Angeles, CA. He attended Sarah Lawrence College, where he majored in English and applied to Brown University as a jazz pianist. There, he met frequent collaborator Cindy Clifton, another of his childhood friends. "I told her I was going to be an artist in the movies," Millar told Marc Merriman in 2014. "But I made my mark in film by working, often with Cindy, with directors such as George Miller, John Carpenter, and Ridley Scott, whose work I admired and read every day for years." He studied Fine Art at the Los Angeles School of the Arts, supplementing his income as a student with office job at John W. Campbell Publishing Co. in 1992, where he has been an editor to this day. 

Millar's writing career started in the 1990s with the horror anthology "The Things I Want to Tell You". While not commercially successful, it secured him a career at John W. Campbell publishing and “the opportunity to pitch anything I could think of to the most powerful press in the genre, at the time”.

Since then he has published two critically acclaimed fantasy novels: "Ravenloft," which earned him a YA Wild Hunt Award nomination, and "The Witch of Falkenstein," which was a Best Canadian Young Adult Series nominee.  He has also published two novellas, "Apocalypse Dark" and "Fallen Hunter", published by Sierra Fantasma. His other works include the autobiographical comics "Call the Doctor" and "The Disgruntled Reporter". 

Millar had an extensive history as an executive producer on various television networks. Millar's first show, "Crazy Like Me" (2002-2004), was base on a story that he had received from Pam Stewart. He is the co-writer and executive producer of the reality TV series "The Teenage Werewolf Chronicles" on CW, starring Laura Poitras, who was also the artist for "Call the Doctor". He also co-wrote with James Willinsky a documentary entitled "As You Like It", which documents the advent of various subcultures of the American underground, which involved both the infamous Cypress Hill scene and underground teen culture in general. "The Things I Want to Tell You" was turned into a feature film in 2007, also produced by Millar, with a screenplay by Clifton. It went on to be receive two Academy Award nominations.

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