Featured Projects

This section features a selection of ongoing digital projects, virtual art exhibitions and curated series of artworks by emerging and established artists. Reflecting South Asia’s diverse and dynamic digital cultures, this section does not adhere to a particular theme. Each project is distinct, and supported by noted organisations from South Asia.
Queer Brown Feelings is a repository of audio and video documenting the lived experiences of Queer South Asians. Rashid Rana: An Anthology is a collection of groundbreaking works by leading Pakistani artist Rashid Rana. Stitching Screens is an Indo-Bangladeshi project featuring a web-based artwork by Amol Patil and Ashfika Rahman. Waters of Change is an archive of media artworks on water, with contributions from multiple countries from all over the world. Reya Ahmed: Women’s Worlds is a selection of works by emerging digital illustrator Reya Ahmed. FabLab Bhutan is a showcase of a network platform for makers, inventors, artists, researchers, entrepreneurs and creative practitioners. Terrain.art is a presentation on the pioneering NFT art ecosystem that aims to be a one-stop resource for art in South Asia. Victoria Memorial: Museum from Home is a series of virtual exhibitions comprising the museum’s rich collection of colonial-era art, photographs and lithographs.
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