This section features a wide range of conversations between artists whose works are part of <de>confine, curators and members of the French network. These conversations take audiences behind the scenes of the projects that are available to explore on this website. They also showcase the French network’s enduring commitment to support innovation and creativity in the digital sector.

Playlist 1 | Online Exhibition Conversations

Afghan Glitch | In Conversation with Morteza Herati
This a conversation between two Afghan artists via zoom, curated by AVAH (Afghan Visual Arts and History) Collective. AVAH is enganging critically with Afghan and Afghan-diasporic themes at the nexus of mainly visual culture and cultural production. By utilising the digital space as a more ambiguous and independent sphere to negotiate artistic practice and culture, in contrast to institutional and national frameworks that operate with different agendas and limits, AVAH invites artists to meet across their displacement and share their practice and thinking. For this curated conversation the artists Mumtaz Khan Chopan and Morteza Herati came together to discuss Mortezas digital work series "Afghan Glitch". Chopan tunes in from Indonesia, Herati from France, while AVAH records the whole conversation from Germany.

Playlist 2 | Podcast Series

In conversation with Benjamin Spark, Artist
In conversation with Nettra Pan, Collector
In conversation with Taimur Malik, Lawyer
In conversation with Zain Naqvi, Curator
In conversation with Terrain.Art
In Conversation with Aloïs-Jaboulet Vercherre, NFT France

Playlist 3 | Featured Projects Conversations

Releasing on 18 November 2021