AR Exhibition

A Woman in the Dance-City is a Painting and Augmented Reality Exhibition with the app for Androids and iPhones. Please download the app in the link below and point on each image of the painting.

The story unfolds through 12 paintings in augmented reality. It is a poetic dream inspired by the granite rocks of Hyderabad on the Deccan Plateau in India. A woman (or perhaps a man or a child...) meets 12 entities, spaces and energies there: the Buddha of the rocks, the dragonfly, the tree, the source, the rest, the dance. Thanks to an augmented reality application, the poetic stories inscribed in the paintings are revealed. By moving around the works with a mobile device, the visitor discovers the spatial, narrative and sound dimensions. Thus, the pictorial space associated with a graphic universe is deployed in a dematerialized form.
All copyrights reserved to Beatrice de Fays / B2Fays
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